The nature of the processes offered at Dharma Moon promotes physical and psychological growth through which profound transformation can occur. Our staff, presenters, teachers, mentors and instructors must possess a high degree of emotional maturity and personal/professional integrity in order to serve at Dharma Moon.

We embrace the responsibility to uphold and foster a safe and inclusive environment at Dharma Moon for all people in order to allow this transformation to happen with integrity. To that end, Dharma Moon upholds the following code of ethics:

We agree to have a sincere commitment to provide the highest quality care to those that seek our professional services.We agree to represent our qualifications honestly and provide only the services that we are qualified and certified to perform.

We agree to consistently maintain and improve our professional knowledge and competence, striving for professional excellence through regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses through continued education, training and personal practice.

We agree effective teaching might involve some physical contact applied in an atmosphere of safety. It is our responsibility to create and maintain a safe environment that engenders trust and mutual respect among teacher and student.

We agree to offer compassionate, competent and safe touch to students when/if assisting them physically and only with the students’ explicit permission.

We agree an essential aspect of teaching is the development of a professional teacher/student relationship. This includes establishing clear and appropriate social and sexual boundaries.

We agree to refrain, under all circumstances, from initiating or engaging in any sexual conduct, sexual activities or sexualizing behavior involving a student even if the student attempts to sexualize the relationship.

We agree to refuse to unjustly discriminate against students or staff or tolerate unjust discriminatory behavior at Dharma Moon.

We agree to respect students’ boundaries with regard to privacy, disclosure, emotional expression and beliefs.We agree and understand that all actions that breach the principles of this code of ethics will be fairly investigated. We understand that if the situation warrants, teaching status within Dharma Moon may be revoked or restricted and may result in grounds for termination.

Thank you.


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