Some of the benefits of a long-term meditation practice include strength & stability of mind and increasing clarity & insight. Science tells us that meditation can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. However, without a clear understanding of the methods and process, people often find themselves struggling with the practice and maybe even ready to give up completely.

Receiving a proper introduction to the practice from a qualified teacher who can provide clear instructions, a customized structured practice schedule, and ongoing feedback, support and guidance based on your individual needs is a proven formula for creating a sustainable meditation practice.

Dharma Moon’s teachers have many years of meditation experience. They have studied directly with Dharma Moon’s founder, David Nichtern, and have undergone our rigorous teacher-training path. Our team is happy to offer you the support you need to integrate the rich rewards from these powerful practices.


Brittaney Valentino

Brittaney is a Yoga and Meditation teacher and guide. Through her various works in the community, she has found a calling in correcting the social stigma associated with yoga and meditation for a more inclusive and healing environment for her students.

Susan Layden

Susan Layden is a senior teacher with Dharma Moon, serving as the coordinator of the 100hr Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training programs and a close senior student of David Nichtern’s for over 10 years.  She received her 100hr meditation certificate from David Nichtern and Kaia Yoga. She is a yoga and meditation teacher.   She is a 500hr E-RYT and a YACEP(continuing education provider- with yoga alliance) and holds a 100 certification from Little Flower Yoga to teach mindfulness and yoga to children.

Susan is a 4th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. She has studied and taught under Grand Master Ik Jo Kang for over 20 years. She is registered under Tae Kwon Do Jidokwan in Korea. She is the mother to three precious adult daughters.  Susan is committed to her practices, her family and giving back to her community. She has been in recovery for over 30 years.

Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor LMT, is a Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Bodyworker. He has been studying and practicing meditation for over a decade.

He teaches Yoga and Meditation in person and online in public classes, private sessions, workshops and teacher trainings. In addition, Neil has a private practice as a bodyworker where he works with clients to help heal injuries and enhance overall wellness.

René Fay

René is the Community Director for Dharma Moon. They are a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and death doula, they studied comparative religion and gender studies, and they earned their black belt at 17. René’s career has a long and extensive history of advocacy, with a focus on collaboration with, support of, and focus on: at-risk youth; queer communities and people; intimate partner violence/sexual assault prevention and intervention; and grief and crisis counseling. René is passionate about making meditation and dharma teachings radically accessible and has personally used meditation to transform their relationship with their own anxiety and chronic health issues. Outside of work, they're likely to be knitting while trapped under a cat listening to podcasts.

Jasmine Lamb

Jasmine is a seasoned entrepreneur, strategic marketing executive, and certified life coach, who has worked with scores of brands, artists, and creators. She has been a student of David Nitchtern for 3 years and became a Dharma Moon mindfulness meditation teacher following the completion of its signature MMTT certification in 2020. Over the last 8+ years, she has worked with some of the tech industry's top executives & CEOs to help them navigate challenging times and turn their vision into reality. Through her unique, multidimensional coaching style, Jasmine helps her clients & students develop clarity, strength, and stability to achieve their life goals and build purpose-driven careers. Ultimately, all of Jasmine’s work is rooted in her belief that personal development and self-discovery are key to collective progression, liberation, and social change. 

Stephanie Belhomme

Stephanie on-boarded as one of Dharma Moon’s Assistant Directors following the completion of its signature MMTT certification. She is one-third of the tri-part cohort spearheading conversations, thought-leadership, and a fresh take around experiences of Equity within the company, and beyond it.
By day she serves as a Salesforce Ecosystem Professional, and by night in the Spring & Fall she pays forward her talents & tech sector experiences to BMCC-CUNY college students as an Adjunct Lecturer. 

Panos Mavromatis

Panos has studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism in the Karma Kagyu and Nyingma traditions since 2006, and counts David Nichtern and Ethan Nichtern among his mentors. He is a certified Dharma Moon and Tibet House meditation instructor, and joined the Dharma Moon Teacher team in 2021. Apart from meditation, Panos has been teaching and researching music theory and the psychology of music at New York University since 2003, where he directed the music theory program until 2021. In addition to music, Panos holds degrees in mathematics and physics and enjoys exploring connections between Buddhism and Western science.

Noel Coakley

Noel is a psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and former elementary school special educator. He has studied Tibetan Buddhism since 1997 and the Bön tradition since 2013. He is a father, husband, and friend to a dog named Clementine. Noel is the director of the Boston Center for Contemplative Practice (thebccp.com) and an assistant director at Dharma Moon (dharmamoon.com). Noel is dedicated to the accessibility of the dharma and its application in modern culture.

Sammy Goodrich

Sammy is a meditation teacher and 500-hour certified yoga instructor. David Nichtern has been her primary meditation mentor since 2014 and she received her certification to teach mindfulness meditation with Dharma Moon and Tibet House in 2016. Sammy is particularly interested in applying mindfulness to daily life and the unavoidable challenges that arise with it. She has introduced mindfulness meditation programs in a variety of settings including high schools, yoga studios, wellness centers, and a mens medium security prison. Sammy is a partner, mother of 3, and companion of 2 dogs and one grumpy cat. She is committed to her practices, her family and applying mindfulness principles to modern challenges.


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Please note: Meditation teachers are trained to help develop your practice and share the teachings of meditation. Therefore the scope of these sessions is limited to supporting your meditation practice and sharing their associated teachings. Anything beyond that, for example, mental health concerns, require other forms of outside support, such as licensed therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists who are trained to provide that type of treatment. Meditation is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical or psychological conditions, and is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.


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