A Buddhist View: Precision

In this special Buddhist View episode of the CSM Podcast, Michael Kammers and David Nichtern explore the concept of precision through the clear lens of Buddhism.



Precision, Clarity, & Noticing

After a series of introductions from Dharma Moon family Michael Kammers and Jasmine Lamb, David shares a Dharma Talk offering the Buddhist view on the concept of precision. Exploring the importance of precision for developing clarity in our mindfulness and meditation practice, as well as our navigation of the inner and outer world, he describes its role in cultivating discernment (prajna), clear seeing (vipassana), and the abstract watcher (the witness).

“Clarity doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no thoughts. That’s a mistake we can make, is thinking a clear mind means that you have no thoughts. A clear mind is one in which thoughts are arising, but you’re aware of the fact that there are thoughts.” – David Nichtern


Mindfulness Meditation: Discipline, Simplicity, Gentleness (33:33)

Noting the functional benefits of meditation to one’s day and life, David takes the time to describe the focusing and calming benefits of daily mindfulness practice. Though this lens, he outlines the precise steps to meditation, before handing the floor over to Michael Kammers for a sitting practice. Prior to the silent sit, Michael explains precision’s role in the discipline, simplicity, and gentleness of meditation.

“When I don’t practice, my mind gets slipperier. If it’s rock climbing, all the holes feel slippery and mossy. And when you do practice, there’s a general sense of the mind becoming more workable.” – David Nichtern


In-Depth Meditation Q&A (1:03:33)

David, Jasmine, & Michael open the floor to audience questions surrounding the meditation and mindfulness topics like working with awareness, getting lost and coming back, being overwhelmed and finding the breath, breathing through the nose versus breathing through the mouth, why we focus on the breath, and what sensitivities arise as we merge practice with life.

“Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha – sometimes you have a very glowing, glittery, grounded, positive experience; sometimes you just can’t get rested for the whole 20 minutes. That is not the point. The point is you stay with it, you show up, you lean into the precise element of the practice.” – David Nichtern



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