David Nichtern Featured with Christopher Guest on Good Friend Podcast, Hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis

Oct 15, 2021

In her new podcast “Good Friend,” the iconic actress Jamie Lee Curtis hosts unscripted conversations exploring the truth behind friendship and relationships. On the latest episode, she visits with her husband, celebrated filmmaker Christopher Guest, and his best friend David Nichtern, Dharma Moon Founder & CEO.

Born two weeks apart, Christopher and David met at an early age growing up in New York City. They shared a love for music, which has been at the center of their nearly 70-year bond. The award-winning musicians and composers have experienced a lifelong “evolutionary force of musical friendship,” observes Jamie. “The way you guys play music together is a language between you.”

In the episode, the two friends speak about their individual passions—David’s Buddhism and meditation practice, and Christopher’s fly fishing—and discuss how different interests have deepened their connection over time and led to new discoveries. Says David, “It’s a big world; you can’t cover it by yourself. You have to have friends.”

Listen to the full episode here!


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