Feb 04, 2022

David Nichtern welcomes Erica Kidder for a conversation about her new book, how we’re all capable of finding authenticity through adversity, and the importance of living with intentionality.

Erica Kidder is an equity advocate, author, and speaker. She is dedicated to erasing conventional identity classification boxes, embracing and helping others to celebrate all experiences, intersectionalities and virtues that make us unique. Her new book, Black, Mixed With, will be available soon. Learn more at ericakidder.com.

Finding Authenticity Through Adversity
David and Erica discuss her new book, Black, Mixed With, and how it’s about finding authenticity through adversity. Erica talks about overcoming the concept of being a statistic, and what it feels like to be the ‘Black, broke, single mom.’ They explore Erica’s identity today, and dig deeper into the structure of her book.

“What I found that was hard about authenticity was I felt that I had to hide my experiences; I felt that my experiences brought shame…” – Erica Kidder

David and Erica talk about the importance of living with intentionality, and how intention is one of the things in life we do have the capacity to shape. They discuss working towards harmony at work and at home, Erica’s sense of spirituality, how she sees her work evolving, and if she has any ideas for her next book.

“You can talk about it, and you can think it, and you can dream it, but without being intentional about your actions, even small things on a day-to-day basis, even something as small as the intentional gratitude, I think intention is where the shift comes in to really have that transcendence.” – Erica Kidder

David asks Erica about her children, and what life has been like for her and her family during the COVID pandemic. Erica talks about the hidden blessings of these challenging times. They end with a discussion about creative outlets, with David noting how funny it is that we live our lives, then go and watch a sitcom on TV about people living their lives.

“It goes back to the intentionality of what you choose to focus on, and what you choose to let go. We, at the end of the day, choose to focus on being present and seeing these beautiful moments in our home and with our girls, and we choose to let the small things go.” – Erica Kidder



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