Jan 12, 2020

Duncan Trussell joins David Nichtern for a conversation about navigating success and contentment in our spiritual and career paths.

Levels of Success

Duncan shares what he learned from his first encounters with success in the comedy business. He and David talk about how our perspective around success shifts overtime. Even though our accomplishments, we are often left with the feeling of failure and discontent.

“At every level of success, I encounter people who are successful that never really seem to think that they are successful.” – Duncan Trussell

Taking Risks & Calibrating Our Expectations (11:00)

How do we objectively evaluate our achievement without inflating our egos or selling ourselves short? Duncan and David discuss the balancing act of remaining reasonable while still being daring enough to take the risks necessary for success.

Letting Go (24:30)

What parts of ourselves are we letting go as we let go of our attachment to our identities? Duncan talks about the difficulties he has encountered while trying to balance inner work with his work as a comedian.

“Contentment is a pretty edgy thing by itself. If we are in a world where many people are completely freaked out and dissatisfied, and you run into an authentically content person, that alone is a pretty intense thing to run into.” – Duncan Trussell


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