EPISODE 51 – Eternalism and A.I. with Ramin Nazer

Ramin Nazer and David Nichtern explore the individual’s place in an ever-changing and technologically-advancing world.



“Perhaps there’s the despair of what’s the point, what’s the point of composing a symphony if I can just tell prime intellect ‘compose me a symphony’. We’re seeing that with ChatGPT and Open A.I. and Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. People are getting depressed.” – Ramin Nazer


This time on CSM, we hear about:

  • Technological advancement and the collective mind
  • Sci-Fi and fear vs. hope for the future
  • The unsustainability of bliss
  • Eternalism and the hellscape of pointlessness
  • The dystopia of A.I and ChatGPT
  • Safe zones versus growth zones
  • Creativity and trying to guess what the world wants to see
  • Creating a balance in a chaotic world
  • The fundamental experiences that ground us
  • Psychedelics as a liberating disruption
  • Simulations, robots, and ‘I am-ness’
  • The dynamics of polarity


“According to Buddhism, the solution is you maintain your status as a human being who has ups and downs, who has lungs, and disappointments, yet there’s a seed of real depth of wisdom and understanding and compassion in it. You bypass the God realms.” – David Nichtern


About Ramin Nazer:

Ramin Nazer is a multi-talented artist, podcaster, comedian, game creator and musician based out of LA. He is best known for his consistent stream of unique, psychedelic-spiritual, bite-sized art for the social media age, as well as his podcast, with comedian Shane Mauss, Mind Under Matter, where they take a hilarious and scientific approach to human behavior. You can tap into Ramin’s steady flow of art on his Instagram, tap into his solo podcast Rainbow Brainskull, and peer into his myriad offerings at RaminNazer.com.



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