EPISODE 47 – We Were Made for These Times with Kaira Jewel Lingo

Mindfulness teacher, Kaira Jewel Lingo, chats with David about the power of spiritual community and self-assessment.



“Guru and student are not separate. Buddha and disciple are not separate. We all have awakened nature, we all can transform. The community is the Buddha. The community is the teacher. We, together, create this force field that is so powerful because we are not operating as individuals.” – Kaira Jewel Lingo


In this episode, David and Kaira discuss:

  • The practice of sharing appreciations and regrets
  • Community support within nunneries and monasteries
  • Co-regulating the nervous system to mitigate conflict
  • Social change and recognizing our shared humanity
  • Doing the inner work to have a bigger impact on the world
  • Living simply and being aligned with our purpose
  • Using resources to build a better future
  • Neuroscience & Buddhism
  • Kaira’s upcoming books and events


“There needs to be inner work for outer work to really have an impact.”


About Kaira Jewel Lingo

Kaira is a mindfulness meditation teacher, author, and mentor who guides people to transform and heal through embodied presence, stillness, and play. She is a Buddhist teacher who has spent decades weaving mindfulness and meditation with social justice. Check out her new book, We Were Made for These Things, to learn about navigating change. You can keep up with Kaira on her website.



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