EPISODE 43 – Composing Dharma with Sean Callery

Emmy-winning composer Sean Callery and David discuss true fearlessness, how Trungpa Rinpoche heard music, and the symphony of impermanence.



In this episode David and Sean dive into:

  • Sean’s absolutely legendary Emmy-winning career as a humble composer you may not know, but have certainly heard and been touched by
  • Success, aspiration, effort, persistence, happiness, fruition, and the journey
  • Connecting, acknowledging, authenticity, skillful means, confidence, and unique view
  • Blending spirituality and the Dharma with our jobs and work lives
  • Fear and fearlessness through the lens of Shambala and Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
  • Understanding impermanence as a rich symphony
  • How Trungpa Rinpoche heard music
  • An impromptu live jam session with Sean showcasing emotional change in musical scores


“What people have misunderstood about impermanence is, ‘Oh, it’s just nullifying and void, nothing exists, emptiness,’ but what we’re saying is there’s this rich symphony going on, and there is a pattern to it, but it will never be the same from one time to one time. That’s true every moment of your life.” – David Nichtern


Links from this episode:


“In my studies with Shambala and [Trungpa] Rinpoche, the teachings for me are not about being without fear, it’s actually about being profoundly acquainted with fear, to lean into it. You can actually touch it and soak in it a little bit. Fearless doesn’t mean I’m trying to get to a place without fear.” – Sean Callery


About Sean Callery

Emmy-winning composer Sean Callery has received 17 Emmy nominations and 4 wins, making him one of the most nominated composers of all time. He has won or been nominated for awards on projects such as Jessica Jones, Homeland, Minority Report, 24, Elementary, The Kennedy’s, and has been featured in The Marksman, The Hot Zone, Medium, Bull, Next, Bones, Inhumans, and Small Time. He also has three soundtrack albums featuring music from the 24 series, and two soundtrack albums featuring his score for Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Sean resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Debbie. For more info please visit: SeanCallery.com



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