EPISODE 40 – Entrepreneurship, Technology & Spiritual Practice with Justin Evans

Feb 21, 2023

In this episode of Creativity, Spirituality & Making a Bucktech wizard, entrepreneur, and practitioner Justin Evans joins David to talk about merging Buddhist wisdom with A.I. technology and business.




“The idea of a two-year practice is the depth of it—you get to go quite far into it. And so far the place in my life where I’ve had the great gift and opportunity to go far and go deep is in the entrepreneurial stuff.” – Justin Evans


In this episode David and Justin discuss:
  • What A.I. (artificial intelligence) technology means for the world
  • The ethics of entrepreneurship
  • Creativity, karma, and new technology
  • Merging Buddhist practice with the modern technology/business
  • Bringing heart into business
  • Bringing spiritual wisdom from the stillness of the monastery to entering the action of the world
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