Entrepreneur Michael Mayzel joins David to break down the anatomy of the business body and discuss integrating the business and spiritual worlds.

As David puts it, “Michael Mayzel has a black belt in business.” He is co-founder of Lowepro International, a partner of Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Costa Rica, and runs Shanti Sounds Costa Rica with his wife, Ayi.

The Heart of the Matter

What are the principles for operating in the business world? David and Michael explore the business body, which uses the human body as a metaphor for different aspects of a business. They discuss the business heart – the offering – along with partnerships, exit strategies, and why a balanced life is key.

“All too often individuals fail or business fail because people think they know better than their customers, and their ego takes over.” – Michael Mayzel

Legs and Arms (22:22)

Michael talks about the growth of his company, Lowepro, and how important the business legs – R&D and product development – were to its success. They move on to discuss the business arms – marketing and sales – and how they interact with each. David brings up karma in business, and how he admires Michael’s integrity.

“We made sure the salespeople we chose were honest, straightforward, and smart. We didn’t want any shysters, we had no interest in them, because your salespeople are a direct reflection of your company.” – Michael Mayzel

The Business Head (58:57)

David and Michael wrap up their discussion of the business body with the brain and ears – operations and customer service. Michael talks about hiring a COO for his company, which David says is a powerful moment in the growth of a company. Michael ends with a reminder to get your ego out of the way.

“A COO needs to be able to see the entire picture and recognize that every spoke in the wheel is ultimately as important as the other.” – Michael Mayzel




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