EPISODE 39 – Chanting, Music, and Sri Siddhi Ma with Nina Rao

In this episode of Creativity, Spirituality & Making a BuckNina Rao joins David to share the clarity and wisdom of her Guru, Sri Siddhi Ma, and discuss chanting, music, Maharaj-ji, the Goddess, and Hanuman.




Nina Rao is a devotional singer. She tours with Krishna Das, playing cymbals, singing, and acting as his business manager. Nina has two of her own albums, “Antarayaami – Knower of All Hearts” and “Anubhav”. Nina regularly leads kirtan, workshops, and retreats in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York and beyond.

“It’s all about purifying. The practice is helping us drop all the stuff considered obscurations or kleshas to seeing clearly. If we see clearly we can understand. If we understand we can have a compassionate heart. With that compassionate heart we can feel our interconnectedness. Then what else is there to do in this body but feel that interconnectedness, feel that love, and share.” – Nina Rao


In this episode Nina and David discuss:

  • How all aspects of our self and life weave together
  • Nina’s relationship to Sri Siddhi Ma, Maharaj-ji (Neem Karoli Baba), and Hanuman
  • Sri Siddhi Ma as a fully integrated being of wisdom, clarity, love, and presence
  • Meeting Maharaj-ji through Krishna Das’ chanting
  • Nina’s life-changing first darshan with Sri Siddhi Ma
  • Western culture, Eastern spirituality, and cultural appropriation
  • Kirtan, chanting, music, and creativity
  • Goddess, Shakti, and the Divine Feminine
  • Connections between Bhakti and Buddhism



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