Oct 09, 2019

Comedian, actor and writer Pete Holmes joins David Nichtern for a conversation about maintaining balance while pursuing our dreams and navigating the road to success.

Following The Dream, That Also Follows You

How can we pursue our aspirations with greater direction? Pete and David talk about making progress on the road to success by keeping options open, networking and proactivity. They look at how bringing full awareness to important moments in life can affect our success.

Keeping It Simple (16:45)

What are some of the key factors in seeing a project grow from conception to creation? Pete and David discuss bringing mindfulness and simplicity to the way we develop our creative projects and present them to the outside world.

“Be careful what you ask for. If you want to be in the big leagues, get in the batter’s box and they are going to throw 100 mile per hour fastballs at you. Maybe people don’t want that. There is a unique fear associated with getting something you want.” – Pete Holmes

Progressing Patiently (37:50)

Pete speaks to the importance of cultivating patience along the road to success. He shares how stressful the periods in-between projects can be in his own career and how he handles them. David and Pete talk about staying grounded and maintaining perspective when things get weird.

“Here I was, playing the game for all the points I knew how to collect… but I was super depressed.” – Pete Holmes


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