Chris-Anne Donnelly joins David Nichtern for a free-flowing conversation about creativity and muses, tarot cards, archetypal energy, and why magical thinking is highly strategic.

Chris-Anne Donnelly is a deck creator, artist, and magic-maker, as well as a marketing strategist. She has successfully Kickstarted three independent decks – The Sacred Creators Oracle, The Light Seer’s Tarot, and The Muse Tarot – and offers unique courses for creators that combine marketing and branding with manifestation and intuition. Learn more about her at chris-anne.com and send her a DM on Instagram.

Connecting to the Muse

David welcomes Chris-Anne and asks about her connection to the creative muse. They touch on channeling, oracles, and altered states of consciousness. Chris-Anne talks about the creative process for her upcoming deck, The Tarot of Curious Creatures, as David inquires about the intricacies of reading tarot cards.

“Tarot decks are all about people using these tools for their own self growth, or their own intuitive deep dive.” – Chris-Anne Donnelly

Magical Thinking is Highly Strategic (24:00)

The conversation turns to more traditional tarot decks and the insight they offer into our archetypal energy. David brings up the matter of money, and Chris-Anne talks about working with Hay House Publishing. She speaks about relying on her intuition in matters of business, and why magical thinking is highly strategic.

“Give yourself permission to think magically, because then your system gets used to that possibility.” – Chris-Anne Donnelly

An Expansion of Awareness (46:10)

David and Chris-Anne talk more about opening up our minds to the greater possibilities of the universe and breaking out of the loop of our defined thought patterns – there is an evolution of human consciousness happening right now. They end the conversation by touching on fortune tellers and divinations, the confluence of branding and magic, and even Al Gore.

“We are evolving right now. It’s this expansion of consciousness and an expansion of awareness, but it’s also an expansion of belief and our ability to tap into our set of beliefs that work for us.” Chris-Anne Donnelly



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