Conscious Marketer, Kylie Slavik, joins David to discuss channeled creativity and purpose-driven storytelling at the mindful intersection of spirituality and marketing.

As a former spoken word artist, Kylie Slavik discovered that grabbing attention and winning hearts works the same way in marketing as it does in art. Since then she’s worked with Hollywood story consultants to better understand structure, and neuroscientists to learn how the brain responds to story. She’s generated over $22,000,000 in revenue with clients in the transformation space, including Sounds True, Astrology Hub, Heartmath Institute, and more. Kylie currently serves as the Director of Storytelling & Brand Development at Conscious Marketer. For more info, please visit ConsciousMarketer.com

Channeled Creativity: Purpose Driven Poetry

Welcoming Kylie Slavik to the show, David invites her to dig into the creative aspects of her earlier life which helped lay the scaffolding for her unique story-based marketing career. A ‘former’ spoken word artist, Kylie explores the connection of channeled creativity between her prior purpose-driven poetry, and her ongoing heart-winning storytelling that is revolutionizing and transforming the field of marketing to become more conscious.

“This idea of conscious marketing is really about just connecting with people in the way that they want to be connected with. And if we look at history, telling stories is how we learn, how we survive, how we connect. It creates oxytocin in the brain and makes us feel connected to each other.” – Kylie Slavik

Conscious Marketing: Storytelling & Making a Buck (14:54)

Speaking to Kylie’s groundbreaking work with Conscious Marketer, David brings to mind the question, ‘What does conscious mean? Conscious of what?‘ Touching on both the personal mindfulness aspects, along with the overarching business of marketing/selling approaches, Kylie sheds perspective on the intersectionality of spirituality and actually making a buck.

“From a Jungian perspective [conscious marketing] means bringing what’s deep below the surface up to the light to be seen. For me, it’s marketing or selling in a way that is congruent with your values, your ethics, your principles. An added layer is that you can actually make as much, if not more, money doing that.” – Kylie Slavik

Multi-Planed Marketing: Psychology & Spirituality (26:01)

Contemplating the thought-stream stopping question, ‘Why do people not have what they say they want?’ Kylie and David explore human psychology and motivation through the lens of conscious marketing. Sharing the multi-planed experience of recognizing and working with individual’s spiritual motivations while still fully meeting their needs in marketing/selling their products, Kylie offers insights into how her personal relationship with spirituality’s be-ing translated into her professional life’s do-ing.

“You gotta do both—that thread is weaving it’s way through the fabric of a lot of the people who I talk to. Some are more doers, some are more be-ers, but it feels clear that the integration of those things is where a lot of energy could very constructively go. The doers left the be-ing behind, and the be-ers left the doing behind.” – David Nichtern

“It’s not necessary that people don’t have food or clean water, or that we’re still using dirty energy. None of these things are necessary. What I realized was that the stories that we tell are what keep us looped into habits, whether they’re negative or positive. After spending a long time thinking about it, my contribution was disrupting the stories and narratives being told.” – Kylie Slavik



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