Sep 17, 2019

David speaks with his longtime friend, Jamie Lee Curtis, about her meditation practice, the bhav of creativity, and playing to your strongest suits in life.

Jamie Lee Curtis is an iconic actress, author of best-selling children’s books, photographer, producer, activist, and entrepreneur. Her next movie, Knives Out, opens in theaters this November. To learn more about Jamie, you can follow her on Twitter.

Wildly Organized
David and Jamie begin their conversation with some thoughts about different kinds of success. Jamie recommends playing to your strengths in life, which for her includes being wildly organized. They discuss Jamie’s meditation practice and how it has developed over the years.

“In my daily meditation I do readings, and then I do the Metta Prayer.” – Jamie Lee Curtis

Creativity and Impermanence (22:33)

When does creative inspiration strike? David and Jamie talk about the auspicious coincidences that can inspire creativity, and the connection between creativity and impermanence. Jamie explores the idea of being in the bhav, or flow, of creativity, especially when writing.

“Every single thing I have done as a creative person has been an accident.” – Jamie Lee Curtis

Tools of the Trade (48:11)

David asks Jamie about her relationship to livelihood, and how she has channeled her creativity into making a buck. They discuss how important it is to learn the tools of your trade, and Jamie reinforces the need to play to your strengths.

“If you are going to take your creative output and say, ‘That’s how I’m going to pay my rent,’ you need to understand some basics things.” – David Nichtern


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