David Nichtern and Michael Carroll share a conversation around what they learned from Trungpa Rinpoche and how that translates into the concept of the authentic colleague in the modern-day workplace.

Michael Carroll is an authorized teacher in the Kagyu-Nyingma and Shambhala lineages in the tradition of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He is the author of Awake at Work, The Mindful Leader, Fearless at Work, and Mindful Leadership Training. For over two decades Michael worked on Wall Street and in the publishing industry, and he has taught mindfulness-awareness meditation at numerous Fortune 500 companies and universities. For more information on Michael and his offerings, visit Awake at Work and The Wisdom Seat.

The Authentic Colleague

David and Michael, both students of Trungpa Rinpoche, discuss their history together and some of the things they learned from their revered teacher. Michael talks about his professional work history, his concept of the authentic colleague being the lynchpin of the modern day workplace, and how Trungpa Rinpoche’s teachings influenced that concept.

“What you rely on isn’t a leader, you rely on colleagues that you can trust, that you have chemistry with. That is increasingly in the competencies required to be able to build a culture that puts the authentic colleague at the apex of what you’re trying to achieve.” – Michael Carroll

Mindful Leadership (23:55)

David and Michael explore the concept of mindful leadership, and how many companies appear to value the bottom line more than the wellbeing of their employees. They discuss fear in the workplace, how important it is to really understand our circumstances in life, and how the Ekajati principle applies to the COVD experience.

“Trungpa Rinpoche, I think, can be summarized into maybe a dozen really fundamental, profound instructions for the modern world, one of which is that your life is perfectly arranged to attain enlightenment. And that one can engage the melody of circumstance of your modern life in such a way that it can accelerate the insight into the fundamental element of what it means to be human.” – Michael Carroll

The Provocation of Magic (42:58)

The conversation shifts to how David and Michael can be the bridge between the ancient knowledge they received from Trungpa Rinpoche and the almost entirely virtual world their grandkids live in today. Michael talks about wanting to teach his granddaughter that magic is real, but it’s not about pulling bunnies out of a hat.



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