Ethan Nichtern, David’s number one and only son, visits the CSM podcast to talk about what lessons we can learn from the current viral pandemic and maintaining a dharmic perspective through it all.

A Cosmic Moment

With a recent history that seems pulled straight out of fiction, what are we to make of the present moment that the world finds itself in? Ethan shares his take on the bigger lessons that we can learn from the challenges that we are now facing together.

“It feels like something very cosmic, a cosmological transition, some kind of ripening that is bigger than us seems to be happening.” – Ethan Nichtern

When The Whole Thing Falls Apart (10:00)

Currently, the COVID-19 virus is still surging in much of the world and many economies are on pause. What does Buddhist philosophy have to teach us about this moment of fear and uncertainty?

“Whole planetary systems have come and gone. Civilizations have come and gone. It is all declared as impermanent in the Buddhist view. Within the impermanent realms we are training to pay attention to the perceptions within the not knowing. Is there anything different about this?” – David Nichtern

The Karma of Every Action (21:00)

Ethan shares the challenges that he has encountered personally during the lockdown on normal activities. He and David talk about maintaining perspective and they discuss the role of social activism during this time.

“Neutrality is simply not a Buddhist teaching.” – Ethan Nichtern

The Great Unveiling and Clear View (45:20)

David and Ethan close with a conversation about holding animosity towards the COVID-19 virus or those who have perpetuated suffering during the pandemic. Ethan shares perspective on maintaining clarity through this difficult moment.



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