A Buddhist View: Settling into Practice

The CSM Podcast is back with a Dharma talk from David Nichtern about stepping onto the path of meditation and settling into practice.




It is the new year, now is the time to sit down, settle in and dig into mindfulness and meditation practice. The question is, what are you doing that gets in the way of your practice taking root? In this episode, David offers wisdom that every beginning or struggling meditator needs to hear.


“There is another expression of practice, ‘Hasten slowly and you will soon arrive.’ There is a built-in tension between our momentum to try not to be where we are… and this instinct that is coming in just to settle in and be who we are; where we are; when we are. We are going to let that play out a little bit… We are not necessarily going to outsmart it – manipulate it and bend it to our will – and then on the other hand we are not going to be able to avoid it. Then you are in the sweet spot, and I think that is a kind of texture of practice that is very powerful.” – David Nichtern 



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