David Nichtern, founder of Dharma Moon, is a senior Buddhist teacher who has been practicing and teaching meditation for over 40 years. He was one of the initial American students of renowned meditation master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and studied closely with him soon after his arrival in the United States in 1970. He is also a business consultant with companies creating a variety of offerings integrating meditation in a larger health and well-being context – including Goldman Sachs, Journey Meditation, Creative Live, True Nature Meditation (Tokyo), Balanced Athlete, The Center for Health & Healing, Om Births, and Kobre & Kim law firm among others.

He has been featured in The New York Times, FOX News, Netflix's The Midnight Gospel, Huffington Post, The Buddhist Geeks podcast, Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast, Pete Holmes' You Made it Weird Podcast, and many others. David is the author of the critically acclaimed Awakening From the Daydream: Reimagining The Buddha’s Wheel of Life and his recently released Creativity, Spirituality & Making a Buck. He mentors individual students both in person and online, and leads meditation teacher training programs around the world.

David is also a multiple Grammy-nominated and Emmy award-winning musician. He has recorded and played with Stevie Wonder, Christopher Guest, Jerry Garcia, Lana Del Rey, Maria Muldaur, Paul Simon and many others. Among his many credits in records, film and TV, David wrote the classic song “Midnight at the Oasis” and has produced multiple records for and periodically tours with Grammy nominated kirtan artist Krishna Das.



Rebecca D'Onofrio is the program director and a senior teacher at Dharma Moon and has worked closely with David Nichtern for the past 8 years. Rebecca has completed The Sacred Path of the Warrior which is a series of in-depth trainings, courses, and meditation retreats based on Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s unique teachings.

Rebecca is also a certified meditation teacher, yoga teacher, and fitness coach. She founded RDYoga, LLC which is a company that creates custom wellness programming for a variety of organizations. Rebecca has completed a number of trauma-informed trainings and has served as a hospice volunteer and End of Life committee member which provides Buddhist services for the dying and deceased. Rebecca is an avid hiker and spends much of her free time exploring the White mountains region of New England.



Neil Taylor LMT, is a Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Bodyworker. He has been studying with David Nichtern since 2013. He teaches Yoga and Meditation in person and online in public classes, private sessions, workshops and teacher trainings. In addition, Neil has a private practice as a bodyworker where he works with clients to help heal injuries and enhance overall wellness.



Kristy Krivitsky has been practicing meditation and studying Tibetan Buddhism since 2011. In 2017, she completed Shambhala Teacher Training and David Nichtern’s 100 Hour Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training, a program for which she now serves as an Assistant Director. Kristy’s background is in art and design and she currently works with architects and designers to create custom, hand-knotted rugs.



Brittaney is a Yoga and Meditation teacher and guide. Through her various works in the community, she has found a calling in correcting the social stigma associated with yoga and meditation for a more inclusive and healing environment for her students.



Jasmine Lamb is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor & Life Coach for multi-hyphenated artists, creative entrepreneurs, and changemakers. Jasmine's work also includes over 8+ years of marketing & brand strategy experience across tech, wellness, entertainment, and even aerospace. As a natural wanderlust, who has never lived in any one city for more than five years, she is on a mission to bridge together unique cultures and perspectives, and to inspire multi-hyphenated beings everywhere to discover their voice and authentic power.



Michael Kammers is a lay practitioner in the lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche who believes the path is the goal, the obstacle is the path and that society is our monastery. A student of David Nichtern trained at the Tibet House, Michael's voice as a contemporary practitioner and presenter of mindfulness is informed by his professional career as a musician and bandleader. His work is characterized by a sense of spontaneity, clarity of communication and organizational intelligence that he brings to bear in his roles at Dharma Moon.



Susan is a 4th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and Hapkido. She is a 500 hour experienced yoga and meditation instructor. She is committed to her practices, her family and giving back to her community.



Noel Coakley is a psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and former elementary school educator. He has studied Tibetan Buddhism since 1997 and the Bön tradition since 2013. He is a father, husband, and friend to a dog named Clementine.


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